Options for when Social Security Disability claims are denied

Social Security disability benefits are important sources of financial support for many Americans. In Milwaukee, men, women, and children who live with disabling mental and physical disabilities receive Social Security disability benefits to help them stay financially afloat. The denial of a claims for Social Security disability benefits can be devastating for a person who cannot work and suffers from a disability.

There are 4 levels of review for denied Social Security disability claims, and individuals who wish to appeal their denials should discuss their options with their disability benefits’ attorneys. This post is informational but should not be considered legal advice or guidance.

Reconsideration of a denied claim

Reconsiderations are reviews of claims that were denied based on medical grounds. A reconsideration is not performed by anyone involved in the initial denial of a claim. Offering additional evidence can help a person have a positive result during a reconsideration.

Hearing on a denied reconsideration

A hearing is the second level of review for a denied disability benefits claim. The hearing occurs before an administrative law judge and may be sought if a person’s reconsideration does not change their initial denial.

Review by the Appeals Council

Decisions of administrative law judges can be reviewed by the Appeals Council. Not all requests for review by the Appeals Council are fulfilled. If the Appeals Council agrees with the determination of an administrative law judge, it can elect not to undertake a review.

Review by a Federal Court

The last level of appeal of a disability benefits claim denial is filing litigation in a federal court. Before undertaking this or any other appeals’ step, an individual may benefit from discussing their claim with an attorney who represents disability benefits clients.

The disability benefits’ programs offered by the Social Security Administration are important options for disabled individuals who cannot work to support themselves. Denials can be devastating, but options exist for those who wish to try to change them.