Common reasons for Social Security disability claim denial

Millions of citizens throughout Wisconsin and the rest of the country apply for Social Security disability benefits each year. The sad truth is that only 30% of all claims submitted are initially approved. Those who have received a denial need to understand the problem with their claim so that they can remedy the problem and have success with their appeal.

Not enough medical evidence

Your Social Security disability claim may simply be denied because there isn’t enough medical evidence to prove that you’re disabled. Many people falsely assume that their physician will automatically update their medical records to reflect their inability to work. In order to get a doctor to notate your inability to work, you’ll need to discuss your job-related tasks and your medical condition. It’s best to specifically ask the physician to notate the relevant information regarding your inability to work in your medical record.

Previous denials

If you’ve previously submitted Social Security disability claims regarding the same disability and have been denied, it’s likely that your next claim will be denied. It’s always advisable for a worker to appeal the denial of their claim instead of just creating a new claim.

Not following a prescribed treatment

A doctor will prescribe a treatment plan for your injury. It’s vital that you follow this course of treatment. If you fail to do so, the Social Security Administration may deny your claim, stating that they are unable to determine your inability to work due to your lack of cooperation with the recommended course of treatment.

Filing a claim for Social Security disability benefits is sometimes a challenge. The above are just some of the many reasons that people get their claims denied. To help set yourself up for the best possible chance of getting your claim approved, you may want to hire a lawyer to help with the claims process.