The 3 Wisconsin Healthcare Programs You Need to Know

Choosing the Right Type of Medical Plan for You & Your Family

Having a healthcare plan in place is important; it provides financial assistance for medical-related procedures and services. Without some form of healthcare, your family could be left paying the bills on expensive treatments or you could be forced to dip into your retirement savings. Whether you have a family of 2 or 12, having healthcare always worthwhile.

Before deciding on what type of healthcare is right for you, get the most out of your options and learn the facts. Seeking out individual plan information is tricky and confusing; look to the estate planners of Angermeier & Rogers for extensive guidance.

We are your advocates in selecting the best healthcare program for your needs and offer Medicaid and long-term care planning services. Opting for a specific healthcare plan requires all the guidance you can get. Don’t try to take it on by yourself and risk your savings.

Milwaukee Estate Planning Attorneys Provide Effective Services for a Secure Future

Medicaid vs BadgerCare vs MedicareRead below to compare and contrast the 3 basic types of federal and state-provided healthcare in Wisconsin. All three act as the main hub for smaller programs based on more specific needs or services. They can also be used with other insurance options for additional coverage.

Best Milwaukee Medicaid & Long-Term PlanningHealthcare is a beast in itself. There are tons of programs, financing options, qualifications, and coverage plans to choose from. For many, these plans will have to last a lifetime. Who do you turn to when you need to make sense of all the different benefits and information?

Angermeier & Rogers are the Medicaid attorneys with a heart for their clients. Choosing the right healthcare plan is confusing and downright frustrating; let us guide you down the path of health and well-being. Through our work with long-term estate planning, we will help you and your family find the right healthcare options. By knowing you have a healthcare plan, you can focus on retirement asset protection, trust administration, or preparing a will without worrying about how you will pay your medical bills.Learn more about Wisconsin’s healthcare programs and contact Angermeier & Rogers for more estate planning resources today!

Healthcare Program Medicaid BadgerCare+ Medicare
Who Qualifies? Those who are 65+; disabled or blind, with income at or below program limit If employer doesn’t offer healthcare, or if your income is above the Medicaid limit Those who are 65+; disabled or blind, no matter the income
Added Benefits Freedom to choose needed services & appoint relative as Medicaid planner Special programs for pregnancy, elderly, blind, disabled, & women Have the option to add Medicare Supplement Insurance
Senior Citizen Services Coverage for nursing home, assisted living, & CBRP Choice of different plans, depending on needs Offered long-term care, assisted living, & retirement community programs
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