Answer the Future’s Unexpected Questions Right Now

Think of an estate plan as a security deposit for your belongings. What happens when you get sick? Upon your death, how much of your estate is distributed among your family? All questions are answered in an estate plan.

All factors funnel down to creating an effective plan, laced with reachable goals. The most difficult challenge is establishing terms and knowing where to start. Fortunately, with professional guidance, the more beneficial your estate plan will be.

Asset Protection is Easy with Milwaukee Attorneys

Planning for the future doesn’t have to be a daunting task. We broke down the estate planning process into steps, geared towards proper asset-planning in a simple way. Once you decide to meet with one of our personal estate planning attorneys, it will be that much easier in finalizing your plan and moving forward.

Get a head-start on planning and follow these 7 easy steps:

1.  Take Inventory of Your Estate

First, narrow down what belongs to you. Your estate is important and the more you own, the more detail-oriented your plan should be.

2.  Set a Will in Place

Once you’ve gathered everything you own, list who gets what. Beneficiaries can either be family members or close friends. A will also states who will take ownership of your children, if you have any. Be sure to update your will after big life events, like marriage, birth of a child, or retirement.

3.    Form a Trust

Avoiding the arduous process of probate, or trust administration, is the goal of forming a trust. Upon an unexpected illness or death, the trust guarantees the estate will be handled correctly according to your stated terms.

4.    Consider Your Healthcare Options

Healthcare programs are meant for financing assisted living and nursing homes, depending on whenever you might require special housing arrangements. Whenever the situation arises, you’ll be glad you have a healthcare plan in place.

5.    Opt for Life Insurance

Especially if you have young children and/or own a house, purchasing a life insurance policy financially benefits those you leave behind upon your death.

6.    Store All Important Documents in One Place

With all the included paperwork, keeping them in one specific place helps you stay organized. Additionally, your attorney will thank you.

7.    Hire an Attorney from Angermeier & Rogers

Our Milwaukee area professional law offices guide you every step of the way. We help you fine-tune your estate plan, maximizing its benefits for you and your loved ones. Let us take care of your future.

We at Angermeier and Rogers educate our clients throughout the entire estate planning process; answering questions, caring about clients on a personal level, and flexible in any situation. Only the best attorneys guide clients through planning, from beginning to end.

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