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Gain The Advantages Of Effective Wills And Trusts

Estate planning is not only about documents and money; it’s about your values and your family’s future. Based in Milwaukee, Angermeier & Rogers, LLP, can help you form trusts and write your will to gain strategic protection for these central aspects of your life. We work with clients throughout Wisconsin for their estate planning needs.

Create A Will Or Living Will

Creating a will is a fundamental part of estate planning – regardless of whether you also plan to use other methods. Having a valid and updated will can streamline the probate process, letting your loved ones access inheritance sooner with less stress. It will also let you clarify your personal wishes.

At Angermeier & Rogers, LLP, we can assist you with the initial drafting of your will. We can also help you update your will as life changes. Our lawyers are leaders in the estate planning field, and we know how to protect what matters most to you.

More About Living Wills

In addition, a living will can dictate your wishes regarding potential end-of-life medical care. Specifying your preferences in your living will gives you the best chances of getting the care you want. Our attorneys can help you understand how to create a living will as well as your options for its contents.

Six Ways To Benefit From A Trust

Each type of trust accomplishes distinct goals while offering favorable benefits, including:

  1. Estate tax reduction: Assets that you place within the trust will not incur taxes upon death.
  2. Control of educational funds: You can create rules regarding how your children can use money and property within the trust for college and other educational pursuits.
  3. Avoidance of probate: Your loved ones can quickly benefit from inheritance through the trust, and creditors cannot access trust assets during probate.
  4. Litigation protection: It is difficult for beneficiaries of the trust to contest your decisions.
  5. Privacy: Because trusts do not enter probate, there is no public record of the value or assets within the trust.
  6. Prevent family conflicts: Determining specific rules and choices through a trust can help family members avoid arguments in the future.

Forming a trust can ensure that you have better control over your assets and the future. Angermeier & Rogers, LLP, is highly experienced with trust formation as well as trust administration. We can help you account for the possibilities ahead.

Let Us Help Create An Estate Plan For You

Let us help you craft a comprehensive plan that suits your needs. Call 414-363-4335​ or email our team to schedule a consultation today.