How To File Your SSD Claim

We Work To Simplify Wisconsin SSD Benefit Applications

No matter how much research you do ahead of time on how to correctly file for Social Security Disability (SSD), it is still a very complicated and intricate process. Working with an attorney can make this process easier and ensure that you complete the steps properly.

At Angermeier & Rogers, LLP, we educate clients in southeast Wisconsin with a four-step process that makes filing an SSD claim less intimidating. Our goal is to make our clients’ lives more comfortable through this long and often-daunting process.

The Four-Step Process

Our Wisconsin-based SSDI attorney, Roger C. Angermeier, can assist you with the four main steps of the SSD application process, which include:

  1. The initial filing of the claim: The initial process can be handled by Angermeier & Rogers, LLP, or your claim may be filed in person, online or at a Social Security Disability office.
  2. Reconsideration: Many applicants get turned down upon their first filing submission. A reconsideration requires a new review from someone who is completely different than the first person who rejected your claim. There is a 60-day window for the reconsidering process, and you must submit your request in writing.
  3. Hearing before a judge: If your reconsideration has been denied, then you will be able to present your case in person. We can help you present this case in front of an administrative law judge, also known as ALJ.
  4. The Appeals Council: If the ALJ denies your case, you can further appeal your case to an Appeals Council, which is a review board that is part of the Social Security Administration. The Appeals Council can make its own decision, send the case back to ALJ for a new hearing or uphold the ALJ’s decision.

The Disability Processing Agency (DDS) receives all SSD claims for medical interpretation. However, there is no set deadline for a claim. The process can take anywhere from 45 to 60 days before you learn about the status of your claim.

Handling All Aspects Of The Process

Although applying for benefits is complex, Angermeier & Rogers, LLP, has the experience to streamline the process. We will help you with everything from the early paperwork and filing, through approval, denial and subsequent actions. We won’t rest until your case is resolved.

Get Legal Support From Start To Finish

We understand that applying for SSD benefits is not easy. However, we have the experience and resources to help you. Call 414-363-4335​ or email us in Milwaukee for a free consultation. Roger C. Angermeier is happy to answer your questions.

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