Should you file another SSD claim after your first rejection?

When the Social Security Administration denies your Wisconsin SSD application, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never qualify for disability benefits. In fact, the SSA might accept your claim if you file an appeal and prove that you need these benefits. However, making certain mistakes after you receive the denial might torpedo your case.

What are some common post-denial mistakes?

After the SSA denies a claim, many people give up and assume that they don’t qualify for SSD. It might be true that you don’t qualify, but a single denial isn’t the end of the road. You and your attorney could file an appeal and have higher-ranking people review your case. In the end, you might qualify after all–and if you don’t, at least you’ll know for certain.

Other people don’t know that they have to file their appeal before the deadline. If you miss the deadline, the SSA closes your case. You could file a new application, but you’ll have to start over from the beginning. This could set back the process by weeks or even months–and you’ll have to figure out how to support yourself in the meantime.

Finally, some people think that they have to file a new claim after their first denial. When you file a new claim, you won’t get anywhere–you’ll just have to repeat the process all over again. Filing an appeal advances your case through the system and gives you the chance to include new evidence. Eventually, you might get the chance to attend a hearing in front of a federal judge. This might sound intimidating, but it might improve your chances of getting accepted if you can make your case in person.

Do you need help filing a claim?

If the SSA keeps rejecting your appeals, talking to an attorney could save you a lot of time. Your attorney could tell you if you qualify for SSD in the first place. If you do, they could help you file an appeal that makes a strong case and shows the SSA why you need disability benefits.