Fast-tracking an SSD decision

It is well understood by many Wisconsin residents that the Social Security Administration takes an inordinate amount of time to finalize most disability claims. These only relate to permanent disability, so the award for Social Security Disability Insurance coverage is a lifetime award for the most part and requires careful scrutiny. However, some claims for SSD can be decided in a short time frame when there is a specific medical issue already deemed as restricting the ability of the applicant to maintain substantive gainful employment, which is the real issue with the claim. Claims are denied regularly for applicants under age 50 who can be trained in other lines of employment or who do not have a pre-approved medical problem impacting their ability to work.

Understanding fast-tracking

There is a process for SSD applicants with specific disabilities for placement on fast-track approval when medical evidence to support the claim is present from the very beginning. This typically includes a diagnosis and prognosis from a specialist physician in the field of medicine associated with the condition. These are usually very serious medical issues, but certain issues such as heart dysfunction at a specific rate or a terminal disease could also be listed as a priority.

Fast-tracking may not be for everyone

Not every SSD applicant will want fast-tracking for their claim. Individuals with significant wealth who are also qualified for Social Security benefits might be better off if they wait for the claim to go through the appeals process. Of course, most SSD claimants will not want to wait, especially if they are on a short path toward the end of life.

Regardless of the particular condition, it is important to get a claim started as soon as possible when it is apparent that the medical issue will warrant immediate approval. Contrary to popular belief, the SSA does approve some claims on the first consideration when the medical problem is sufficiently established on record.